Blog Post Life is the adventure…..

Life is the adventure…..



Life is the adventure…..

For me, lately, my life is the adventure I am living and sometimes it’s not an “out of area” experience that creates memories that continue to keep me growing.

Today I had the pleasure of meeting an individual that was referred to me by one of my favorites (thank you very much by the way). All I can say about this woman is the world is much more full due to her  80 years living it.  To speak with her about her travel history was an adventure in itself and for her to share her those memories with me made them, in a small, way part of me.  Her vivid stories of past travels  weaved pictures and feelings in my mind that only a someone with a passion for reliving moments can create.  This combined with the fact that her plans to continue to travel despite her bodies 80 years of wear was an inspiration.  Now I wonder if, just maybe, the idea of travel might be a form of the fountain of youth not for the body but for the soul.  To continue to see worlds beyond ours and humanity outside our “normal” makes our thoughts so much larger and when our ideas expand our need to learn, see and feel grows.

My blogs you will find are as much about thoughts as destinations and the pleasure of meeting my new (and obviously incredible) client has made me believe even more in the idea that our plans become our adventures and our adventures become our memories and our memories become our most prized possession of all.

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