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The land and people of Italy seem to be rendered from an artist’s eye. Italians are a different breed of people than the world that is familiar to me. The passion for life, food and love is evident in everything you see, touch and read. Along with Greece, it’s acknowledged as the birthplace of Western culture and history is ever-present even in the most modern cities. I found myself lost in the Vatican, not literally but in the reality of being able to see the beauty of the art and the reverence of the Vatican feel. I had the opportunity to travel deep beneath the city in the Scavi Excavations and that was as intellectually thrilling as any experience I’ve known. The Coliseum makes it quite easy to envision gladiators and I believe making a wish at the Trevi Fountain is a must (I have to say my wish came true!!). Venice is a city of alleys that open to wonderful surprises and if you come in and ask I will tell you a little secret about, what I feel, is the best way to figure the city out. I could go on for pages but it’s best you see it for yourself. Let me be a part of creating memories that will be with you a life time.

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