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Trying to wrap my mind around the history I was able to see was actually quite hard for me at first. Egypt was a Disney experience until I found a quiet area in the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities and forgot that I was sharing the moment with those around me. Once I did that I was able to not only see but feel the history surrounding me. I don’t think anyone could not get caught up in the exploration of the great Pyramid, the Sphinx, or the Valley of the Kings and Queens. Cruising the Nile had the surreal feeling of being involved with the past in a intimate way that books or film misses. The bazaars, although somewhat intimidating, were not just a place for a great buy on a souvenir but a place to see the local people living the lives that have been the same for years. Each area I travel I try and capture one thought. For Egypt it would be that it had to be the ultimate “hands on” history lesson.

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