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New Zealand

Of all the lands have had the pleasure to visit, I have to say New Zealand has topped the list for some time. I had the pleasure to spend almost two weeks there a few years ago and not only would love to go back (most of the time I feel there is too many areas I haven’t seen to re-do, however New Zealand is the exception to this rule for me). The best way to describe the area is to think the beauty of Alaska and the simplicity of America about 30 years ago. I found the area to be safe, clean and beautiful beyond words. The people are friendly and compassionate and proud. Everyone I had the pleasure to visit with had a story about the history of the area and many times I got lost in the stories they told. If you are a hiker (tramper for them) there are trails all over the islands and dotted among the trails are cabins that are open for anyone on the trail to take advantage of. Of course with this you realize you might be bunking with a number of travelers or on your own. Personally having the other hikers their seems to only add to the experience as each person seems to love nothing more than to tell a better story than the last. Of course if little cabins in the woods are not your thing, I can say (from personal experience) New Zealand has some of the most beautiful and unique accommodations I have ever had the pleasure to experience. If you think New Zealand is on the list for your travels let me know and I can help create a trip that will be exactly what you are looking for…. Also, don’t forget Queenstown is the birth place to Bungy Jump – it’s not mandatory but I can tell you it’s something you will never forget.

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