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East Africa

“Jambo” is the typical East African greeting and everywhere I had the pleasure to travel while visiting this beautiful world the locals greeted me with this world and a beautiful smile. The majority of the city dwellers have a unique accent, it’s a crisp English mixed with a little bit of a melody. Upon leaving the city for safari the I found the locals to be kind, soft and easy to be with and of course the wild animals are better than one can imagine. Sleep is not a priority as the excitement of the drive keeps your adrenalin up and even when getting a massage in a elevated open air spa (camps are tough in East Africa) I had a hard time closing my eyes and getting lost in the moment as I was constantly aware of elephants, monkeys, zebras and many more animals that grazed just outside the electric fence line. Experiencing both the reserves and preserves has given me an idea of how each is geared and my personal favorite was the preserves as these leave the animals to live in a totally natural yet protected area. I could go on for pages but the stories sound better told so if you think you might be interested in a African adventure call me and I can feed that interest into a full blown need.

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