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Tammy Jones-Deem, owner of TJ’s Travel is a comprehensive, luxury travel adviser located in Tyler, Texas. I provide personalized service throughout each step of the travel experience. The moment you start thinking about your next travel idea call me – with your ideas and my knowledge we can work to ensure your trip turns out to be the adventure you dreamed it could be.

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Fully Independent Touring
The most alluring aspect of this type of tour is that it allows the traveler to take each moment of the day and do with it as they please.  Hotels can be arranged for only the first few nights, leaving you truly free to stay wherever you end up, or pre-planned for the entire trip.  I can have guides meet you at your hotel for day tours, or have a private car, driver and guide to be at your beck and call.  Either way, you are in control to spend each day doing the things you want to do, not what is listed on an itinerary.


Escorted Touring
If you are looking for a more cost effective way of touring, Escorted Tour costs are divided amongst all of the travelers.  Tours range from larger groups of 50 or more, to smaller, more semi-private groups of 10 or more.  This type of touring keeps the cost more manageable, and allows you to travel with others that have the same interests in the areas you are visiting.

Multi-Generational Travel
More and more often the idea of a vacation seems to include the entire family.  The time spent, be it sitting on a beach or riding elephants in India, becomes lasting memories that are more precious than the time spent away.  These memories become a part of your family history passed down to generations by the stories only close family time can create.  The one thing children will remember for years to come is the time that the adults they love spent with them.  Doing this away from the home only intensifies the memories because during those times the children turn to the familiar as a form of security.

Honeymoon, anniversary or just a weekend away – travel is a way for two people to remember the connection they share.  Romance for you might come in the form of lazy days in a hammock overlooking the Caribbean, or it might be a candle light dinner prepared for you under the stars after a full day of shooting the rapids.  Each thought is different, but the idea is the same.  Life makes romance more difficult, so taking a little time to re-connect is an investment in your well being that will help your heart smile for years to come.

Business Travel
A business trip does not have to be limited to just a flight, car and hotel.  How about catching a local show or sporting event during your down time, or maybe a good recommendation for a museum, restaurant or other form of entertainment?  No one said it had to be all work and no play.


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